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Updated 17 April 2022


 Casson Cup result

A huge turnout enjoyed our fun American Tournament on Friday 17th June.  A short heatwave and little wind presented perfect conditions to play good tennis under sunny skies.  Although it was a fun tournament the competitive edge was still there with some players finishing their last set under our new LED floodlights, unless you were on Court 1 where it was considerably gloomy after the sun went down.  The winner of the fun competition and holder of the Casson Cup for the next year was James Turner (pictured right) who had the good fortune to play with all the best partners!  A close second was Yvonne Brennan (also pictured) and a number of fun prizes were awarded to several other competitors.  

Many thanks go to Liz Phillips and Chriss Smith who organised the competition, and to the the tennis committee for the crackers and cheese afterwards.  

20220617 James Turner pic_edited.jpg
20220617 Yvonne Brennan pic _edited.jpg