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Updated 17 April 2022



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Ed has played junior matches for the past 5 years and has been a regular and reliable team player.  He always enters and supports the junior tennis tournaments and in our main annual tournament recently he was the U16 and the U18 champion.  


During the last year his tennis ability has improved rapidly and he is now representing the club in senior tennis league matches.


Edward goes forward to the national finals alongside the other 4 regional winners and the Welsh and Scottish finalists.  Edward could share the limelight alongside Emma Raducanu, Cameron Norrie, Joe Salisbury and Alfie Hewitt who are also finalists for the Player of the Year award. 

We wish him every success when the national winners are announced next month.  

Well done Ed.  Everyone at Ryecroft is very proud of you. 

One of Ryecroft's junior members, Edward Knight, (age 14) has won a prestigious LTA award as the winner of the Regional contest for the Young Person of the Year, following his success at Cheshire County level.  This is an amazing achievement and so well deserved for his fantastic contribution and commitment to tennis and Ryecroft in particular.  Edward could share the stage with Emma Radicanu who is also a potential winner in the 2022 LTA national awards ceremony. 

Ed has been in our coaching programme since he joined the club in 2012.  For the past 2 years he has been actively involved in helping our coaches with the younger juniors' classes, spending up to 12 hours a week on court with them.  

Ed is passionate about his tennis, and about helping others - frequently inviting younger players for a hit to help them improve their game.  He is a regular helper at our holiday camps turning up whatever the weather to feed balls to a small group while the coach works with another group.  

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