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Tennis Racket and Ball

 Information for tennis players

This page contains additional information for all tennis players at Ryecroft.  




All members should familiarise themselves with the following information and conduct themselves accordingly at all times.


Older junior members may be recommended by the coach to join in with adult social play, practices and non-trophy tournaments. They may subsequently be invited to play on senior teams and enter trophy tournaments.


Recognised tennis attire must be worn. Tennis shoes must have non-marking soles and training shoes must not be worn. Tracksuits and sweatshirts may be worn in inclement weather: beach, cycling, football, jogging and rugby attire is not acceptable.


Members must display their shoe tags on their tennis shoes (or have them to hand on court) at all times when using the court facilities. Failure to do so will be penalised by the member having to pay a visitor’s fee or even being asked to leave the court.


Information on court priorities at various times is posted on the clubhouse noticeboard. Courts are open for play all through the year but divided into two seasons. The summer season lasts from April to September and winter season comprises the remaining months. Please be aware of other uses and consider mix in or shortening games at busy times.


Members should drag the courts before play to remove debris and brush after play to maintain the surface. They should refrain from leaving litter, chewing gum, cans and glasses etc. on the courts or surrounds.

All members are asked to make themselves aware of these details and to respect the rights of other members to play at the stated times. The rules on court priorities may be suspended, varied or added to at the discretion of the Tennis Committee.

SOCIAL TENNIS is played on Sunday mornings and Friday evenings when members are required to mix-in and doubles will normally be played. The order of play shall be in accordance with the time of arrival of members at the club, or the length of time players have been waiting between sets. In addition, organised social tennis takes place on Wednesday evenings when fours are arranged broadly according to players’ ability.

From April – July, this will happen most weeks but is subject to court availability due to matches and alternative nights will be arranged where possible.  See notices for details. 


These may be arranged at any time when there isn't a club social session or match scheduled. 


Floodlights are operated by a £1coin meter in the corridor by the toilets. The current system gives 15 minutes of light for £1. A booking system may be brought in if necessary.


Three balls per court shall be provided, and must be returned to the ball box after use. Balls hit into neighbouring gardens should not be retrieved. Please do not climb over a surrounding fence to retrieve a ball. There is a code for the ball box which members are given.


The annual Senior and Junior tournaments are held in September. American and similar tournaments are held throughout the season for Juniors and Seniors when everyone eligible is invited to participate.


The club is allocated Wimbledon tickets each year by the LTA and those members who have signed up to British Tennis membership and opted in for Wimbledon tickets are eligible to be entered into a draw for these tickets. A list indicating dates available is displayed on the Tennis noticeboard when we receive our allocation. These are strictly for the personal use of members and cannot be resold. 


This is an organisation set up by the LTA to promote tennis throughout the country. Membership is currently free and entitles the holder to monthly newsletter, LTA ranking, discounts on some event tickets and other benefits. To find out more look at the British Tennis website . We encourage members to sign up.

(From club handbook 2019-20)

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