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Members may bowl at any time unless the green is required for matches or tournaments.


Information regarding other occasional events when the green is required will be displayed on the notice board in the pavilion.


Social bowling may continue through October depending on the greensman’s maintenance programme. 


Occasionally on Sunday mornings the green may be reserved for league competitions (see noticeboard for details).  


Floodlights are available for the bowling green.  You should ask a team captain or a member of the committee if you wish to use the lights and are unsure of the conditions applicable for their use.  







Ladies Annual Bowling Meeting   -   To be advised

Men’s Annual Bowling Meeting.   -   To be advised

Bowling Annual General Meeting  -  Thursday 10th October 2024.






1.    The Green, subject to the Groundsman’s / Green Liaison Representative's advice, shall be open from Easter to October. 'GREEN OPEN' or 'GREEN CLOSED' boards will be exhibited as the occasion demands.


2.  To preserve the green the starting area will be varied occasionally.


3.  Only flat shoes shall be worn on the green.


4.  Members may bowl at any time that the green is open and not required for league or friendly matches or club tournaments.


Details of these will be included on the website each season, or, in the case of ad hoc events, displayed as necessary on club notice boards.


In the event of a large number wishing to play socially on any one occasion, names are to be put on the blackboard on arrival. Games will then be made up in fours taken from the top downwards. At the end of each game, players must vacate the green and give members waiting the opportunity to play. Those members wishing to play again should then add their names again to the list. 


5.  The number of jacks on the green at any one time shall not exceed five (5), subject to the  Committee's decision. When there are five (5) jacks on the green games shall be 15 up unless no other member is waiting to play.


6.  No games shall comprise more than four (4) players, subject to the Committee's discretion.


7.  Club woods, jacks and mats shall be cleaned before being replaced. Cloths are provided  for this purpose.


8. Rules regarding junior bowling are displayed in the Clubhouse.


9.  The annual bowling meeting of the members of the club shall be held on the second  Thursday in the month of October. Fourteen days' notice of the meeting shall be given and exhibited in the club pavilion. Notices of motion must be given in writing and must be in the hands of the Hon Secretary twenty-one days prior to the date of the meeting.







10. Entry lists will be closed at 1.00pm the day before the competition. A minimum of sixteen entries will be required for mixed competitions to run and a minimum of twelve for the single sex competitions.


11.  The draw to be made by two persons and displayed one day prior to the competition.


12. Start times may vary at the discretion of the tournament organisers and will be published when the entry list is opened.


13. All merit tournaments and their supplementary games to start from 3 and played to 21 up.  Handicaps will not be applied but the main competition will qualify for handicap adjustments.


14. For all major tournaments there shall be no practice on the green on the fixture day. On tournament days, competitors having a bye into the second round may have a roll-up of five minutes maximum duration before playing their round. This rule does not apply to the ongoing competitions.



Handicap Tournaments


15.  All members will have their handicap set by the Handicap Sub-Committee within the range of 0 to 10 for games played up to 21without any rights of appeal.  For competitions played up to 15 or 18 handicaps will reduced by 25%


Handicaps are as follows:


21 up        0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10

15/18 up        0  1  2  2  3  4  5  5  6  7   8


16. All main handicap events to be played up to 18, with their supplementaries played up to 15. The on-going competitions to be played up to 21. For all doubles competitions, the handicap applied will be half the sum of the individual handicaps, rounded up.


17.    For the Singles On-going Knockout  the member with the lower handicap will start from zero and their opponent will start with the difference between their handicaps applied.   For all other competitions all  members will have their handicap added to their scorecard at the start of the game.     


18. The winner of a tournament, including merits and the Singles On-going Knock-out, to have their handicap adjusted by -2 from the date of the event, semi finalists and the  runner up adjusted by -1. No adjustments will be made to winners of Supplementary completions.  Handicaps will not be adjusted to below zero.  The Handicap Sub-Committee will periodically review all handicaps and make any adjustments according to their assessments.


19. Adjustments of handicaps and the regaining of lost shots will only be made following the Sub- Committee's reviews


20. Play should be continuous. Competitors not on call are liable to be scratched.




Handicap Sub-Committee


The  Handicap Sub- Committee will comprise 7 members to include at least two lady and two gentleman, elected at the Annual Bowling Meeting.  They will be responsible for setting handicap rules and  handicaps for all members based on their assessment of each member's ability.   The Chair of the Sub-Committee must also be a member of the Bowling Committee   Handicaps set by the Sub-Committee are not subject to appeals.  All recommendations will be subjected to approval by the Bowling Committee before being implemented.




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